Launch Night: Programme

PROGRAMME: Monday 12th September 2011.




Art form


Peter Scott Gallery

Joanna Wood / Marcus Lilley

Painting / Photography


Peter Scott Gallery

Introductory speech by Drew Hemment


Nuffield Theatre

Sticky Tape

Live Theatre


Peter Scott Gallery

Marcus Lilley

Transmedia Theatre


Nuffield Theatre

Lowri Jones


Below are short artist biographies and venue information:

Sticky – Tape Theatre Company (

Sticky – Tape are a performance company who create original works of theatre using using live performance, animation and film to create work with a beautiful, defined aesthetic. At the core of the company is a desire to make contemporary theatre which engages an audience through impressive visuals and challenging texts to make both entertaining and provocative connections to our world.

Venue: The Nuffield Theatre

Time: 7pm, Monday 12th September

(Low – Ree) Jones (

Lowri Jones is a contemporary dance and visual artist creating work which explores the body’s relationship to landscape. Lowri often seeks to create vibrant and dynamic visual landscape from the movement and intereaction of objects and the body in space. This landscape changes and expands throughout the piece as the body and its movement creates the environment in then inhabits.

Venue: The Nuffield Theatre

Time: 8:20pm, Monday 12th September

Joanna Wood (

Joanna creates energetic abstract paintings that seek to explore the possibilities and qualities of painting through and experimentation and manipulation of the medium via technique, colour, scale, form and fluidity.

Venue: Peter Scott Gallery

Time: 11am – 5pm Monday 12th September – Friday 16th September

Marcus Lilley (

Marcus curates a series of 14 photographs by photographer Harry Marshall on the upper floor of the Peter Scott Gallery which is part of a 5 day experience called ‘The Darkened City’ taking place this week through text messages, twitter, emails and photographs. Marcus is Theatre / New Media artist who creates transmedia immersive and interactive theatre performances using photography, social and mobile technologies.

Venue: Peter Scott Gallery (Exhibition)Time: 11am – 5pm

Online performance: Monday 12th September – Friday 16th September (Exhibition)

*Sign up for the online performance will take place in the Gallery on Monday 12th September.

CONCLUDING SYMPOSIUM Friday 16th September 2011:

On Friday 16th September, you are invited to the finale of ‘Process at Play’ an informal social gathering with the artists involved in the festival: Joanna Wood, Lowri Jones, Sticky -Tape Theatre and Marcus Lilley.

The event runs from 1:00pm until 4:00pm in the Nuffield Theatre Bar and Peter Scott Gallery / Nuffield Theatre.The artists will be available to talk about their work, their process, their creative inspirations, and how their work developed during the course of making the festival.The artists will also be able to guide you around their artworks / performances either in the Peter Scott Gallery or Nuffield Theatre to tell you more about the work.The event is free and an informal and relaxed ending to the week of ‘Process at Play’, with the opportunity to talk and socialise with the artists involved in the festival, refreshments will be available from the Nuffield Bar which is part of the Great Hall Complex


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