Launch Night

Hope you have a had a lovely Bank Holiday so far!

Process at Play launches in two weeks time on Monday 12th September at the Peter Scott Gallery / Nuffield Theatre Lancaster.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Monday with a wine reception and a chance to see all of the artists involved in the festival showcasing their work: Lowri Jones ( Joanna Wood ( Sticky Tape Theatre ( and Marcus Lilley ( 

On the Opening Night both Sticky Tape and Lowri will be showing their work in the Nuffield Theatre whilst Joanna and Marcus will be occupying the ground and upper levels of the Peter Scott Gallery.

The gallery will also showcase some examples of the process behind the artists work which will come in different shapes and sizes reflecting each artist’s chosen pathway.

The gallery is open 11am until 5pm daily and you can find out more information at on the Peter Scott Gallery website (

Between the showings of Lowri and Sticky-Tape Marcus Lilley will be launching his 5 day Transmedia project where audience members can sign up to.

Remember keep upto date with all the latest information:


Twitter: @processatplay

Hope to see you at the festival!

Process at Play


Marcus Lilley

Hello, I’m really sorry for lack of blogging this week, it has been a very busy week with festival preparations and such forth and things are starting to become very exciting as we enter the final stretch of preparations.

Our official Press Release has been issued and you can visit it on our website:

We have also been putting the final touches to our posters which will be displayed around Lancaster city centre and the University campus.

Below is a sneak preview of the poster in its JPEG format:

So all in all its been a very productive week on the festival preparations front.  It has been a long process (excuse the awful pun!) of organising ‘Process at Play’ but it is now becoming a very exciting prospect that we are staging our own festival in just over 2 weeks time.

I’ve been checking in with everyone’s work and everyone who is going to be attending to the festival is in for a fantastic treat.  There will be photography, paintings, installation, theatre performance, dance performance, multimedia. We are all so excited for you all to come and see it! (Literally can’t wait!)

This week I’ve been re – drafting ‘The Darkened City’ based on the feedback I received from my supervisors towards the end of last week.  The feedback was mainly looking at the scale and ambition of the project and below are some of the key issues which came out of the discussions:

  • What are the rules for the performance? How do the audience know what to expect and what are rules of engagement between audience member and artist?
  • What is the central hub to the performance? What is the place / object where by the audience see as the main point to which they can return to get information
  • How does the performance end?
  • What is the narrative through line?
When I looked at this feedback I felt very over-whelmed because it seemed like a lot of things to try and answer.
When I started to re – draft, I tried to tackle each of the key issues one by one by going back to the start and working through each stage of the performance. The performance is split into 3 distinct sections:  Gallery Exhibition, immersive performance, site specific installation.
The statement about the rules of the performance was very apt because up until now I have always felt that due to the nature of the performance, that it takes place over Twitter, text messages and emails that it would be sort of self explanatory, yet this is a big oversight by myself the egotistical artist.  It is very easy for me as the creator of the piece to think that is clear what the rules are clear but audiences experiencing it for the first time may not be aware that the performance encourages engagement via social networks, emails and texts.  Creating rules for the performance enables the audience to know explicitly how the performance runs and what the rules of engagement are which ultimately leads to a harmony between the creator and the audience aiding to a richer artistic experience.
The central hub of the performance has been a tricky issue to try and navigate through because it relates almost directly to the rules of engagement. The audience must know what the central hub of the information comes from.   I’ve been playing with ideas this week that it is the photographer’s website or a Twitter page and that other links spring from this and so if people want to stick to the Twitter page or the website they can do but for those feeling a little more adventurous they can go a bit further.
The narrative and the finale to the performance are perhaps the two most important areas of discussion.  ‘The Darkened City’ is a neo – noir, so it is taking place in real time, yet there is a homage to Film Noir’s of the 1940’s and 1950’s particularly through photography.  With the Noir background, the narrative focuses on the city and its feel after dark.  Without wanting to give too much away, the narrative will focus on the relationships between several characters who are out for their own gain in a city ravaged by corruption and greed. The narrative through line has been very difficult to try and get right because you as an artist want to give the audience enough information but also wanting to leave an air of mystery.
There is a lot left to do for ‘The Darkened City’ but I am very excited to be showing it at ‘Process at Play’.

As we enter into the final few weeks of preparation for Process at Play, all of us are swept up in the creative process of our individual work and working very hard on creating the best possible spectacle for Process at Play.

We hope you aren’t offended by the lack of website activity in the past few days! We have lots on our plate at the moment and lots of exciting things we are working on including our press release which will be hitting press outlets early next week, distributing flyers, and planning out curation of the Peter Scott Gallery.

In the mean time keep up to date with all the artists involved by their respective channels:

Sticky Tape Theatre company:!/stickytapeTC

Joanna Wood

Lowri Jones

Marcus Lilley!/MarcusLilley

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

New Website!

Joanna Wood 

I have had a great week since I last posted,  I now have my own fancy website,  I am now the proud owner of

Click me to go to

Took lots of hard work and a lot of help from Marcus Lilley but I’m really pleased with it and after less than a day of my site  being live I had sold a painting!

I have also been really busy in the studio doing lots of painting.

A preview of some of the painting that will be in my show!

Making Stretchers.

Stretching canvases.

Alkiflow pour paintings!


Joanna Wood

Hybrid Sculpture Paintings.

Since I last posted I have been very busy in my studio creating lots of new work from the show.

Over the weekend I made some Hybrid-Painting-Sculpture-Objects (Working title I’m yet to decide what to call them.)

Basically I create a pour painting on a large canvas, then when dry I choose my favourite part of the painting and cut it out then re-streach it on a chunky stretcher.

This video below shows me making one this weekend.

And below is some photos of the outcome.

This ‘Object’ will be part of my exhibition in the Process at play festival, opening 12th Sept at the Peter Scott gallery then every day till 16th sept.

Just over a month is process at play!

The Darkened City

I’m really glad to be blogging today as yesterday (Thursday 28th July) I had the first script read through with my supervisor for ‘The Darkened City’ which will be my performance for ‘Process at Play’ which was extremely exciting because it has really brought together ‘Indemnity’ which has been my work so far this year with feedback I’ve received from supervisors and audiences which has been really helpful (thank you so much for all the input!)

‘The Darkened City’ without wanting to give too much away draws together elements of ‘Indemnity’ but also draws together elements from other films in the Film – Noir era as well as more recent examples, below is a blurb I’ve written about the piece:

‘Inspired by Film Noir’s such as ‘Double Indemnity’ (1944) ‘Sweet Smell of success’ (1957) ‘The Big Heat’ (1953) and more recent Neo Noir’s such as ‘LA Confidential’ (1997) ‘Sin City’ (2005) and ‘Shutter Island’ (2010) ‘The Darkened City’ is a theatre performance which presents a city full of corruption, bribery, violence, sex and where no one however innocent they may seem is ever entirely trust-worthy. Also inspired by the work of photographers such as: Arthur ‘Weegee’ Fellig and Gregory Crewdson

Told through Tweets, Facebook posts, photos, videos, live performance, installation and exhibition, ‘The Darkened City’ is an immersive, interactive theatre performance taking place in a fictional city where the rules are there to be broken, corruption is rife, and everyone is out for their own personal gain.’ 

Film References:

Photographic references:

Gregory Crewdson’s biography on the White Cube Site:

He is renowned for his photography of American houses and neighbourhoods with a heavy cinematic influence:









Image taken from:

Arthur Fellig’s biography:

An American photographer Fellig’s style was graphically realistic as he photographed crime scenes and gritty inner city life.  He travelled round New York City with a police radio in the boot of his car so he could get to the crime scenes before any other photographers.









Image taken from:











Image taken from:

The performance will begin on Monday the 12th of September 2011 at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University with a photographic exhibition where audience members will be able to sign up to the performance and then watch it unfold during the week online through Facebook posts, tweets, texts and photographs. The whole piece culminates on Friday the 16th of September 2011 in Lancaster city centre .


Marcus – Work In Progress

My second work in progress showing a couple of weeks has really helped me in terms of sorting out various components and ideas for my performance and I thought I would share some of the feedback I got from my work in progress  in this blog post.

Firstly the photographs used in the performance were a vast improvement on the photographs used in the previous work in progress they created much more of an atmospheric of the noir landscape, but as soon as I added photographs from my Iphone into the performance the contrast between the black and white photographs and the full colour photographs didn’t work because it was a clash of visual styles.  If I am going to use images from a mobile then they need to be treated i.e edited like the black and white photographs so across all the visual outlets of the performance there is a visual unity.

The images of the fem-fatale in the performance seemed too staged and little attention had been paid to the setting and dressing of the room which is a very valid point because it has made me realise that in order for the performance to work, it needs to believable and at present I am not too sure it is believable because there are too many thinks that give it away that is modern day, rather than the ideal scenario which is that it is set in modern day but very much noir in feel through the characters, the visual look and the atmosphere.

There needs to be a lot of work done to the characters and who they actually are for example feedback which is quite consistent from people is: what is the age of the central characters because during the performance it is unclear how old these people are and what there  vocal registers are and there needs to be consistency over how each of the characters speak, in effect whilst I am planning the performance I need to ask myself in every exchange what I am trying to achieve or what is the aim of each exchange from a character and audience perspective which is something i haven’t really considered whilst I have been developing the show.

Overall planning is very important and creating a score for the entire performance (a script in effect) is very important because it details exactly what things are delivered at certain times during the performance.

The work in progress as a whole gave me a lot of ideas to work in the forthcoming weeks and in fact since the work in progress I have gone back to the drawing board and started developing a new draft of the story which I will share in Friday’s post as there are still a lot of things to work on but I am incredibly excited about!

Have a lovely week!