The Darkened City Rules

The Darkened City (Monday 12th September 8pm till Friday 16th September 2011  12pm)

Artist: Marcus Lilley (@marcuslilley) (


You can participate as much or as little as you like throughout the week.

There are four characters:-

Harry Marshall / Veronica Haywood / ‘Example’ / George Miller 

The Twitter username you need to follow is: @marshall_harry (!/marshall_harry

Follow the hashtag: #thedarkenedcity 

You will receive text messages from: Harry Marshall 

Phone number: 07809 748261

You will receive emails from:

A Police Detective called George Miller:

Veronica Haywood:

Please remember to check inbox and check as non – spam.

  • In order to participate fully, you must provide a twitter username, an email address and a mobile phone / text number (or if you do not have a twitter username, visit Harry’s Twitter page twice a day)
  •  The entire performance is experienced remotely, via these methods of communication. However, please feel free to interact with the characters if you wish via these means.
  • You will receive text messages, emails, and tweets throughout the week (Monday 12th September to 12pm on Friday 16th September)
  • You should check your email account and Twitter page at least twice a day.
*Any issues or problems during the week should be reported to Marcus Lilley (


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